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Patient Testimonials

“The prenatal care I received from Dr. Zimmel provided much-needed relief from pain and discomfort that I experienced as a result of my pregnancy. Her treatment plan also helped to relieve my anxiety as the birth approached. She provided me with options to supplement the care I was receiving from my OB/GYN, especially as I worked through some unexpected challenges that arose during the pregnancy.


After delivering a healthy baby girl, Dr. Zimmel also set up a plan to help me regain strength and comfort. I would recommend Dr. Zimmel and SCW to anyone who is looking for prenatal care that will help them feel their best.” 


- Sarah G.

“I have been receiving chiropractic care from SCW for the past 9 months and could not be more pleased with the approach and the results. Dr. V starts every appointment by getting detailed feedback on my progress and any new issues I may be encountering.  The sessions are extremely interactive and are focused on a whole body improvement approach.


Although I have come for treatment of very specific acute issues, Dr. V is focused on addressing the root cause of the issue and has provided guidance and exercises that are done as homework in between appointments.  It’s this whole body wellness approach that keeps me coming back to SCW.”



“Dr. Scarnecchia helped me get back in the gym after a back injury quickly and safely. He has a great practice with friendly care. I'd highly recommend paying their office a visit.”


- James D.

“I went into Scarnecchia Chiropractic & Wellness with the hope that they would help alleviate my chronic migraine. Let me tell you I left with more than just headache free, I left with a hope. Right as I walked in both Dr. Bailey and Dr. Scarnecchia were very friendly!


It was my first time getting acupuncture and Dr. Bailey really took her time with the initial evaluation, explanation of the acupuncture, and the whole treatment she was going to provide me based on my symptoms and her evaluation of them.  Needless to say I have booked my next appointment already. I am looking forward to the results and health improvement, if they are anything like my first visit I know I will be back to good health in no time.”


- Andrea P.

"Dr. Bailey brought me back from the depths of despair after weeks of intense lower back and hip pain related to my second pregnancy. I spent the majority of my "in take" time with her trying my best not to cry I was in so much pain. I couldn't walk, sit, or lay down easily. I couldn't pick up my two-year old son. I was a mess! However, after my first session I walked out of the office with far greater ease, and after three sessions I can, without a doubt, say that I feel the best now (at 38 weeks!) that I have felt my entire pregnancy. Dr. Bailey has a calm, friendly, caring demeanor that puts you at ease and a professionalism and deep knowledge and understanding about her work that gives you the confidence to trust her to help you with your body. Thank you, Dr. Bailey, for the gift you have given me - the opportunity to be comfortable and enjoy these last few weeks of my pregnancy."


 – Natalie A.

“LOVE Dr. Bailey!!!!! She was an angel during our rough times! She's absolutely amazing and so patient with babies!!! Would recommend this place 100x over without a doubt!”


– Danielle

“We love SCW! They were great support for having a young baby and treating his overall health. Dr. Zimmel is so smart and provided me with so much great information about how to treat Henry's ear infections. When I had hip pain, I got treated at SCW too! Dr. Zimmel is passionate about treating children and it shows – Henry loves her! Thank you SCW!”


- Henry's Mom

“I'm a middle aged construction worker on a high stress jobsite with a substantial level of arthritic pain and other stress related conditions. The Docs at SCW have been helping to manage my discomfort and I can honestly say I couldn't get through my week without them.”


- Steve L.

“These guys are really great and offer specific treatments based on what your body is telling you.  It's amazing how they can pick up on the slightest details! I beat my body up playing football, resulting in 4 surgeries (back, foot & shoulder).


I get treatments 1-2 times per month and always feel recharged afterwards. I recommend acupuncture to everyone, regardless of any specific injury. It is a great way to relax and re-focus your energy.


If you are in the Charlotte area, I highly recommend reaching out to Scarnecchia Chiropractic & Wellness.  You will be glad you did!”


- Chris P.

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